Coursework Writing for Higher Education in The UK

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Every year, thousands of foreign or international students would study abroad for higher education studies and the United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations. The foreign students would prefer UK universities or colleges because of the quality, high standard and reputation that they offer. If you are a prospective international student planning to pursue higher education in the UK, you should first read materials on being familiar with the UK higher education system since there are academic tasks that could be uncommon in your country's higher education system, but very common in the UK.

Coursework writing task is a common academic work performed in UK universities or colleges and it contributes to the overall grade of a student for a particular course or subject, but the grade for the work is separately assessed from the final exams of the student for that course or subject. Under the UK higher education system, the academic work for a course consists of essays, book reports or book reviews, research reports and other types of reports, critical analysis or evaluation of literary works, dissertations, presentations, and other types of academic writings that are specified by the lecturers.

Some forms of coursework tasks such as essays are also part of written examinations in which a student would have to write an impromptu essay within one to two hours. In addition, the academic work for a specific course could be as research in the sciences or experimental works that are combined with written reports or findings.

The types of academic works for specific courses that you would research and perform would depend on the academic degree you are taking. For example, a taught master's degree in the UK would usually include coursework that is primarily a dissertation task that may or may not involve research work since some postgraduate degrees would require a separate thesis and dissertation work. The thesis is an academic argument that is tested via research while the dissertation is the written document that recorded the research performed under the thesis. The dissertation is the document that is submitted to the supervising committee as the proof for the student's qualification to receive the postgraduate degree.

In addition, an important part of submitting an application for a UK university or college is writing and submitting a personal statement, which is a short and focused personal essay that discusses a prospective student's goals or objectives for his higher education studies. A good source of free online source of personal statement help is the personal statement web page of the UCAS website located at The page has online guides about the information that should be included and not included in a statement, the formatting of the statement paper, and other information needed for writing a presentable personal statement.


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Coursework Writing for Higher Education in The UK

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Coursework Writing for Higher Education in The UK

This article was published on 2011/06/22